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ADDRESS by criminal activities V.Volodin

Ref. No 28-02 from 19/02/2019


ADDRESS to the President of the Russian Federation,

Claim to the Government of the Russian Federation, Council of Security of the Russian Federation, Office of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation, Federal Service for Security of the Russian Federation, Ministry of the Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation

to conduct an anti-terrorism operation and initiate a criminal case against all guilty in a criminal offence on the grounds of the hereinafter referred facts.


Taking into consideration your ability to establish a balance between nationwide and regional interests, your comprehensive work to the benefit of the nation, we feel it necessery to inform you on the following.

The present political system in Russia was formed under the guidance of the West in a way that most politicians and businessmen who influence the regime pave the way to the political Olymp otherwise than by a continuos work in behalf of the people and the country. On the contrary, they mostly apply criminal methods, making use of political preferences to obtain larger and larger profits and to secure the robbed. The politicians learned how to hide their business activity in the shadow while taking control over assets and enlarging them by all possible ways. One of the aforementioned politicians is Vyacheslav Volodin.

Vyacheslav Volodyn is a major figure in the Russian politics. Born in Saratov region, he was promoted to the third formal position of the State and became the Chairman of the State Duma of the Federal Assemply of the Russian Federation. Nevertheless, according to many experts’ conclusions, his previous position of the First Deputy of the Presidental Chief of Stuff where he was very close to the First Person in the State, was much more influental although not included into the Constitutional list. His biography abounds in merits. He is one of ideologists of United Russia party in power and of People’s Social Front.

It is difficult to understand how such a powerful and experienced official with a wide influence on the politics in Russia, allowed a factual bancruptcy of his native Saratov region. The bancruptcy covers many clauses: a social sphere, industry , health care, investments, education, infrastructure, political medium.

Vyacheslav Volodin does not hide the fact that he gained control of the refgion. After the first publicly elated governor Ayatskov terminated his office, all major assignements from the chairman of the regional administration to heads of administration departments and heads of regions, as well as all rotations in the regional Duma and Saratov-city Duma and inside the regional office of the Party are being coordinated with V.Volodin. (He also supervises all assignements to all large objects of social sector, education and industry). Apparently, Mr. Volodin is confident about his authority and has no intention to assign such important questions to the third parties. This administrative model may seem successful but it resulted in massive economic problems.

An ambitious Volodin, after primarily entering the city administrative system and next to the regional one, began to strengthen his positions craving a federal scale. In 2002-2003, V.Volodin got a nickname ‘6 per cent’ for lobbying federal budget transfers for Saratov region Road fund. According to ex-minister of the Saratov Regional Government Gevorg Dzhlavtyan, who was in duty of the road construction, in 2002 Volodin organized a steady group for receiving ‘cuts’ for lobbying transfers from the federal budget.

Volodin attracted Dzhlavtyan’s attention to Viktor Grishyn, a Deputy from the Republic of Mordovia and strictly commanded to ‘resolve all the questions with him’. “They gave me an order to spare 5% of the federal monetary resources that would be received in 2002 through the Road fund as their share for their efforts for providing the region with this money” – said Dzhlavtyan. Namely, cuts for Volodin’s group lobbyist efforts in State Duma in 2003 were estimates as a rate of 5% of the funding allocation.

Our reference: starting from January 2000 Vyacheslav Volodyn has been the member of a Deputy faction ‘Motherland – all Russia’, has assumed positions of the Deputy Head of the party faction, the Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on legislation, and then, the Deputy Speaker of the State Duma from United Russia faction.

The information on political and business life of United Russia party was brought to the attention of other parties. They directed their inquiry to the Office of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation in which they put to the General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation some direct questions regarding V.Volodin’s source of wealth since he had never had any business or led any commercial activity. The Deputies’ inquire to General Prosecutor V.Ustinov was entitled “Verification of a compliance with law of the big finance accumulation by a Deputy of the State Duma V.Volodin”

The Deputies referred to the information published in the Finance magazine that is better informed than the Forbes about how much money there are on the secret accounts of the Russian civil servants and what share capitals there are in a possession of our State officials. Namely, in February 2006 edition they alleged that one of United Russia leaders Vyacheslav Volodyn is listed among the richest men of Russia with his Sunny Products (Solnechnye Producty) holding blocking share, while his private fortune is estimated at 2.7 billion rubles.

His fellow Deputies in the State Duma emphasize on the fact that Volodin has never dealt either with the real sector of economy or any business. From 1992 he has assumed the positions in the public service although his fortune has surpassed that one of many businessmen (he is 351 of the top list in the Russian Federation). Indeed, liquidity of public or municipal service together with a ‘party in power’ membership card can be compared with oil and gas business. Bribes, cuts and lobbyism do not require special talents or skills but give a literally unlimited access to financial resources that are used to purchase a deputy’s seat.

Link to: http://www.compromat.ru/page_18607.htm, http://finside.ru «How much is Volodin?»

Saratov’s Governor Pavel Ipatov has been transformed in a purely nominal figure. Due to Volodin’s efforts starting from 2006 Saratov region has been under an outer administration of United Russia. Volodin’s activity scale has prompted the groups of Deputies of the State Duma to address repeated inquires to President V. Putin regarding the verification of his wealth’s origin.

“…In this respect the group of Deputies have already approached twice the Office of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation with the Deputy’s inquiry regarding the verification of the legal grounds of acquiring by the Deputy of the State Duma V. Volodin of property that has been estimated with reference to the Finance magazine at 2.7 billion rubles as well as regarding the investigation of a possible complicity of the aforementioned Deputy to financial improprieties with budget funds devoted to the road construction in Saratov region and the construction of 11th campus building of Saratov State University. These inquiries have been signed by more than 20 deputies of the State Duma.

The first inquiry No ВР/3.4-405 from 19/04/2006 was addresses to former Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation V.Ustinov. The answer that followed was of a merely formal character and no one of the Deputies’ direct questions initiated any Prosecutor’s investigation.

Further inquiries were forwarded to the name of the present Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Yury Chaika. However, the Deputies were not satisfied with the received answers either.

In particular, due to the inspection done, the Prosecutor’s Office found out that the published in the Finance magazine data about V.Volodin’s blocking share of some of Sunny Products holding enterprises received a factual and complete proof. Indeed, V.Volodin has in his possession stock shares of Armavir butter and fat producing refinery JSC and Novosibirsk fat refinery JSC. The Federal Antitrust authority had issued the permission for their purchase.

This circumstance on its own is an evidence of the large size of the stock share and its high market price. According to the article 18 of the Russian Federation Law “About the protection of competition and limiting of monopolistic activity on goods markets” a preliminary permission from the Antitrust service to acquire stock share is required only in case when it overpasses 20% of the company’s further capital and its assets constitute at least 3 billion rubles. In this respect, this fact only proves the amount of Volodin’s wealth and serves as a verifiable evidence to the information published in the Finance magazine.

It is worth mentioning that the situation when the Deputy Chairman of the State Duma purchased below market some stock share of an enterprise must initiate an ample prosecutor’s investigation since it can be an evidence of a concealed bribe for further lobbying of the enterprise’s interests and placing of public contracts etc.

The response of the First Deputy Prosecutor General points out, among others, that the scrutiny given to the spending process of budget funds provided for the construction of the 11th campus building of Saratov State University, did not reveal any violations and hence, there is no basis for the prosecutor’s reaction. However, with reference to the information that we have at our disposal, on 14th August 2006 the Prosecutor’s Office of Saratov region opened a criminal case for a misappropriation of the budget funds of 1.5 million rubles on the construction of the 11th campus building of Saratov State University, which was administrated by Deputy V.Volodin. And the investigation materials upon the Deputies’ inquiries served as the basis of the criminal case.

Deputy V.Volodin is being constantly updated by the Prosecutor General Office upon the course of the investigation together with a copy of their response to our Deputies’ inquiry which is not stipulated by the article 14 of the Federal Law “About the status of a member of the Council of the Federation and the status of a Deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation”.

Therefore, taking into account the clauses of the part 1 and 2 of the article 80 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, we ask you to take under personal control aforementioned circumstances and help us to respect the Law.

Yours sincerely,

Deputies of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation (33 signatures in total)”

Link to: http://www.compromat.ru/page_20383.htm

The other inquiries of the Deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation were addressed to the Office of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation to the name of Yuri Chaika. The Deputies reminded that they had forwarded twice to the Office of the Prosecutor General their inquiries ‘to verify the legal basis of acquisition by the Deputy of the State Duma V.Volodin of property that was estimated, according to the Finance magazine, at 2.7 billion rubles, as well as investigate this Deputy’s possible involvement into financial misuse of budget funds provided for construction of the 11th campus building of Saratov State University’.

All the previous answered appeared unsatisfactory to all signing individuals. The first answer was of a merely formal character, in their opinion. And now, 34 Deputies of the State Duma ask the Prosecutor General to initiate an additional investigation and come back to them with answers to 10 points:

“1) What is the total value of assets of Armavir butter and fat producing refinery JSC and Novosibirsk fat refinery JSC (separately), which initiated a special permission from the Antitrust authority to Deputy V.Volodin to acquire their stock share?

2) Are the aforementioned enterprises listed in the Corporate Registry with a share of 35% and more in the particular goods market?

3) What was the price of each of these enterprises’ a separate share at the moment they were purchases by V.Volodin?

4) Does Volodin’s purchase price of these enterprises’ shares correspond to their real market price?

5) In case the stock share purchase price was lowered against its market price, can it be regarded as a sign of a concealed bribing?

6) Does the real market price of the purchases stock share correspond to Deputy V.Volodin’s official incomes reflected in his tax return statements?

7) Are there any individuals affiliated to Deputy V.Volodin in Boards of Directors of Armavir butter and fat producing refinery JSC and Novosibirsk fat refinery JSC?

8) Are there any businessmen or business entities among Armavir butter and fat producing refinery JSC’s and/or Novosibirsk fat refinery JSC’s regular row materials suppliers or regular customers who could be affiliated to Deputy V. Volodin? If yes, what is the volume of their yearly supply and that is their ratio in the total supply volume?

9) What is the reason that there are no pay-outs of dividends upon shares of Armavir butter and fat producing refinery JSC and Novosibirsk fat refinery JSC?

10) Did Armavir butter and fat producing refinery JSC and Novosibirsk fat refinery JSC receive a right to place any public contracts and obtain credits at preferential rates upon state programs during V.Volodin’s term of possession of these enterprises’ stock share? If yes, what was the totaling of these contracts and credits?

“Whether the real market price of the purchases stock share correspond to Deputy V.Volodin’s official incomes reflected in his Tax Return”

Link to: http://www.compromat.ru/page_19334.htm

Unfortunately, the Deputies have not up to date received any explicit and comprehensive answers.

The aforementioned activity screens a real clew of V.Volodin’s criminal operations and those ones his proxies (ex-Governor of Samara region P. Ipatov, ex-mayor of Saratov-city O.Grischenko, Alexandr Lando) and some representatives of law enforcement-agencies of a regional rank, as well as some criminal organizations in Saratov and Engels.

  1. Grischenko possesses a huge parcel of land in a prestigious district of Saratov region, Ust-Kurdyum village (outskirts of Saratov-city) where he has literally built a real palace with a helipad (for his private helicopter) and a concrete quay with a marina for O.Grischenko’s yachts. For many years caravans of concrete-mixers had been heading towards ex-mayor Grischenko’s mansion, while he was wailing a lack of resources for road repair works on a local TV.

A possible complicity in some criminal events of a General of militia S.Arenin, who (according to secret but proven information well-known in a competent society) took a direct participation in organization in a number of targeted assassinations in North Ossetia, is worth a specific mention. S.Arenin assumed his office of Head of the Main Department of Internal Affairs of Saratov region with a load of 3 opened investigations against him.

Saratov region population is disoriented where to address in order to break an inequity artificially created by a group of corrupted officials having common vested interests.

For the time being Saratov’s small and medium business is suffering from a criminal travesty of justice from Arenin, Poltanov and Neyazkin, with Volodin’s administrative support and involvement of Volodin’s bandits Kurikhin and Grischenko. They are aiming at a property redistribution in behalf of their commissioners who lavishly pay for their services. Kurikhin’s favourite occupation is a raidership and elimination of unwanted individuals both in Saratov region and in his own gardening community.

Link to: http://www.soyuz-antiterror.ru/prestupnye-chinovniki-saratovskoj-oblasti

Let’s not forget about Alexandr Lando, ex-ombudsman of Saratov region and a chairman of a Regional Public Chamber, who initiated a law on a prostitution legalization, and who is Volodin’s close associate.

Alexandr Lando’s greatest political achievement is a persecution of Saratov’s opposition to the ‘party in power’. According to human rights defenders and political experts, the situation with a Deputy of Saratov City Duma Leonid Feitlikher, an owner and founder of ‘RIM’ group of companies, is an example of both a political pursuit and a raider attack on the business owned by the Deputy.

Alexandr Lando came into light when he was executing Volodin’s command to charge businessmen and members of Saratov region criminal community an urgent fee totaling 1 billion rubles for bribing officers of law-enforcement agencies, who investigated V.Volodin’s criminal activity in order to be cleared of the facts exposed by a group of Deputies of the Communist party faction in the State Duma. Within 2 or 3 days the members of a criminal community headed by the chairman of Saratov region Public Chamber Alexandr Lando gathered 1 billion rubles. The sum was divided into several bags and Lando accompanied by a security unit of ‘Bouquet’ private security firm, headed by Volodin and Burov, brought the aforementioned sum on a train Saratov-Moscow to Moscow-city and handled over to V.Volodin. It is worth mentioning that being questioned about this fact, Alexandr Lando claimed it open in a most insolent way: “I have carried money to Moscow and will be doing it”.

The fact of bribing the officers of law-enforcement agencies by Volodin in Moscow was documented and attached to Volodin and his criminal community’s investigation files of ‘Soyuz Antiterror’ Public Investigation Service and the working group for corruption control in the top echelons of power.

“Independent business in Saratov has been undergoing a continuous pressure, which resulted in an attack at a Deputy of the City Duma Leonid Feitlikher and opposition mass media” – stated in his interview to ‘Rosbalt’ news agency a political expert Alexandr Kynev. He supposes all these events are directly related to a political influence battles in the region. “We foresee that in the near future a series of actions will be launched against him as a businessman. It will be in a form of so-called disputes of economic entities. Feitlikher was not the first businessman who had been a subject of a political pursuit, but we strongly object that he would become the next in a company of Khodorkovsky, Lebedev and so on”, – expressed his fears Lev Ponomaryov.

Lev Ponomaryov also states that this crackdown on liberal press and independent business reflexes some particularities of Saratov region. Due to Volodin’s efforts, it has been transformed into a political arena for applying dirty political technologies in behalf of United Russia. “Every person of influence in United Russia thinks it possible to display his authoritarian nature at a degree that he thinks corresponds to his office. And the higher his powers of authority in United Russia the larger his subordinated area, he thinks. E.g. Volodin with his top governmental position comes from Saratov region, that is why he considers it to be his realm where he can do whatever he wants”.

Link to: http://www.compromat.ru/page_21674.htm

One article would not be sufficient to describe all criminal activity of Volodin and his cronies in Saratov region, because the ‘SOYUZ ANTITERROR’ Public Investigation Service and a Working Group for corruption control in the top echelons of power’s criminal investigations on V. Volodin’s former and present corrupt activity count many volumes. 


Organised criminal society PARKOVSKIE


Kurikhin (Melkiy)
United Russia member, Deputy of Regional Duma, boss of the criminal community









Regional Duma Deputy





Head of 1st Medical University

Zhavoronsky senior and junior


RF Deputy Prosecutor General



Head of Regional Public Chamber




Deputy Head of RF Federal Service for Security



‘Bouquet’ firm




Regional Ruma Deputies:















Chief architect of Saratov


Saratov region Governor



Chairman of Saratov property committee


Ex-Head of the Central Directorate of Internal Affairs of Saratov region, Senator from Saratov region



Chairman of Saratov region property committee


Medialeaks 64 Chief editor


Deputy Head of the Central Directorate of Internal Affairs of Saratov region



Vzglyad Chief editor


Ex-Minister of Health, Chief Physician of the Regional Hospital


Deputy Head of the Federal Security Service Directorate of Bashkortostan



Head of Regional Department on Cultural Heritage Objects protection


Russian Orthodox Church Hegunen


Minister of Construction of Saratov region







Conservatory Director




Head of Saratov Social and Economic Institute

The core of mafia structure is as following. Firstly, through corrupt police (under control of Arenin) and public servants the mass raider takeover of enterprises and lands of Saratov region is fulfilled. Secondly, again through corrupt police and regional officials together with city and regional deputies, interests of construction business fully and completely monopolized by Parkovskie organized criminal community are lobbied. Volodin who holds the top of this food chain, receives profits from unspeakable Saratov mafia’s incomes and in return grants them with loyalty and a complete liberty for any illegal actions in the region.

A guilt for a total corruption of the power in the region lies exclusively on Volodin. For ages, the regional establishment, law-enforcement agencies, courts and even federal entities administrations have been occupied by paper-pushers of all levels, officers and judges who have been demonstrating loyalty to their high Moscow protector. It would be desirable if this loyalty were in interests of the region. However, in return to their loyalty the corrupt officials receive a ‘token’ to pursue their personal interests together with those of their families, friends, kin. The result of this symbiosis is catastrophic. The region experiences a dramatic loss of population, raise of death, small towns and villages as good as abandoned, and the region’s debt for commercial and government credits has grown drastically (from 35 billion in 2012 to 50 billion in 2018). By the beginning of 2019 the region’s debt had exceeded half of the region’s budget, the economy continued to slide down with a pace that outruns that one of the 1990s.

Back in day, many criminal cases were opened in Saratov region against 60 United Russia members, who took important decisions at different levels of power. The criminal proceedings with subsequent arrests were launched against the city administrations of Saratov, Engels, Balakovo and others. Some ministers of the regional government have scandalously lost their posts in the last months. All these people are directly or indirectly related to Volodin.

Since the 1990s an organized criminal society Parkovskie has been successfully active in the region. By the 2000s the society bosses had taken possession over shares in several Saratov’s enterprises, had driven them to bankruptcy with further sell-out, having transformed their expensive terrains into residential development. They crept into all bodies of power of the region. According to experts’ and journalists’ estimations, they concentrated in their hands a power that exceeds manifold the power of Governor Radaev, Regional Government and Federal departments of law enforcement agencies. As a matter of fact, they are an alternative source of authority, efficient and productive at the same time. Many businessmen contact directly the criminal community’s representatives to sort out their problems and to lobby their interests. The head of the criminal community is Sergey Kurikhin, the Regional Duma Deputy, developer and media baron (owner of Vzglyad and Medialeaks 64 online newspapers). He is a factual boss of ‘Association of Saratov region builders’ and the Public Chamber of Saratov region. He is a main figure of some criminal investigations that were interrupted and shut in safes in the Regional Investigation Committee and Ministry of Internal Affairs under protection of ex-chiefs of these departments Nikitin and Arenin. At present, by virtue of managers’ changes and a support from the Federal centre, we have a hope to set the investigations moving and expose some resonance assaults and murder attempts of journalists Rogozhin, Vilkov, Krutov, a murder of a businessman Bolotnikov, a theft from the public ownership of exclusively expensive land parcels in Saratov-city centre.

Kurikhin keeps in touch with Volodin through a Deputy of the State Duma Pankov and receives from him ‘a license for princedom’, a sanction to do whatever he wants. As it was mentioned above, Kurikhin brought pressure on ex-Head of the Main Department of Internal Affairs in the region Arenin by bribing and blackmailing him. Head of the Criminal investigation Department Petrov (who concealed assaults at journalists) and Head of Interior Ministry’s Economic Crimes Department Yermolaev (who authorized some raider takeovers, banks bankruptcy, and gave a legal cover to these criminal actions) got their salary from Kurikhin, according to the information that we have at our disposal. To the date, Yermolaev has been under arrest and is being investigated, whereas Arenin has become a Senator (it was a unique case when an ex-policeman was admitted to the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly). There is no reason to allege that the contacts between V.Volodin and Kurikhin jointly with Parkovskie criminal community had been disrupted.

Volodin’s protégé Governor Radaev holds the last positions in Russia’s Governors’ top list, nevertheless he spends colossal budget sums on his activity promotion. Radaev is a public servant totally subordinated to his boss in Moscow and he is unable to resolve crucial problems that the region is facing presently. In virtue of his spinelessness, he does nothing but aggravates them. Many of Radaev’s subordinates are being under investigation and functional audit.

Radaev replaced in this position his predecessor Ipatov – a Governor who was independent from Volodin, which resulted in numerous conflicts and arguments in the region. Ipatov is remembered upon his battle with Volodin for the regional influence that turned for worse the situation in Saratov region. Destructive processes in the 1990s required an immediate interfere and regulation, with a revision of affairs, however, Ipatov was not able to concentrate the powers over the region in his hands – Volodin literally threw sand in his machine. One of the results of this battle was a full blockage of the water supply in Saratov-city. For a while the region became a sole the Volga-river region without water supplying canals between territories. The Saratov’s river fleet was destroyed, one could hardly find a transport facility or operating waterborne craft. Harbors and pierces in the region remained abandoned. River ports in Saratov and Saratov were taken over by Parkovskie criminal society. Apparently, in the near future, all ‘unprofitable’ enterprises in the area will be shut down and dwellings will be constructed there.

A final of the war between Volodin and Ipatov has become an assignment to the post of Radaev – a candidate approved by Volodin. It gave to local elites and the population a hope that he would be conducting a reasonable and sustainable policy directed to a rehabilitation of a worn-out region. However, the hope was in vein.

After handing in of the region to his crony Volodin seemed to forget about the region’s existence. After some decorative and populist measures such as monuments to fellow-countrymen actors (Tabakov, Yankovsky) and recreation areas construction (pedestrian street Volzhskaya, which Volodin called the best in Europe) Volodin apparently left the region for spineless and corrupt clerks.

To tell the truth, one way or another but Volodin has been remaining in a political and economic framework of Saratov-city all the time. It is his financial source for personal and image-building projects. And to help this, he needs a constant presence in the region of a loyal and corrupted stuff. Thus, he brought Telegin to a position of a Chairman of the Regional Court which allowed Kurikhin to avoid juridical proceeding on his investigations.

In Saratov region one loves developing territories of a historical value. In his days on a position of Vice-Governor of the region in the 1990s, Volodin misappropriated a valuable land parcel in so Called Alekseev settlement on the Volga-river bank, a historical and cultural object of the region. Radaev registered a piece of land and constructed a house for his mother on the territory of the wildlife park ‘Kumysnaya Polyana’. Kurikhin with help of Radaev rascally took over a half the territory of the Fedin’s State museum in the historical centre of Saratov-city and constructed a restaurant.

It is well known that Volodin invested in a development of Bobrovo agricultural firm in Smolensk region, a place where his mother lives, resources that exceeded several times his investments in Saratov.

Under Radaev’s term of office as the Saratov region Governor were scandalously dismissed:

  • Minister of Finance Vyskrebentsev – for alcohol abuse;
  • Minister of Culture Krasnoschekova – for failing a number of projects;
  • Minister of Labour, Employment and Migration Sokolova;
  • Minister of health Shuldyakov, who disrupted the supply of free insulin, which resulted in a death of one citizen at least;
  • Saratov Mayor Saraev.

Scandals accompanied ousts of some principals (Nikolaev, Kozlachkov, Uglanov and others) in a rank of vice-ministers.

Sentenced and arrested under pain of felony:

  • Radaev’s relative, Head of Ministry of Emergencies Kachev;
  • Radaev’s relative, Head of Engels region Dmitry Lobanov;
  • Minister of Internal Policy Scherbakova;
  • Minister of Education Yepifanova;
  • Minister of Industry Kulikov;
  • Minister of Natural resources Sokolov;
  • Head of Department of Russian Natural Resources Survey Rosprirodnadzor Andruschenko;
  • Vice-Minister Koldaev;
  • Chairman of the Committee for capital construction Surkov;
  • Vice-Minister of Social Development Milto;
  • Deputy of the City Duma Polyansky (ex-mayor Saraev’s team member);
  • Deputy Krasilnikov.

In total, for the term of his career Radaev had to bid farewell to 35 (!) Ministers and one Vice-Chairmen of the Government. Mayor in office Isaev does not succeed with a municipal maintenance. In winter 2018-2019 Saratov stayed stuck in 10 scale traffic jams, express trains and commuter trains were blocked in snows. Passengers helped to deblock busses and pushed them out of snow traps. The masses of snow wracked roofs and building walls. It was registered some 60 roof wracks. It was presented as an achievement when a particular roof was shoveled out. Radaev’s popularity collapsed to 5% according to some polls and he was detested by citizens.

We can feel sorry for Radaev in a way, because his own destiny if rather tragic. His son assaulted to murder his own mother having shot off a part of her face with a shotgun. Later, Radaev had to seriously protect his son when he committed a resonance group rape. The Governor did his best to reclassify his son from a suspect into a witness.

The corruption rate in the region attained some unprecedented heights under Volodin’s patronage. After all regional industry has been practically destroyed, Saratov turned into a money laundry territory.

Parkovskie criminal community headed by Kurikhin in exchange of their income share had been given a free hand to cover the city with low cost housing. The scheme is easy and has two parts. The first stage starts with a raider takeover of a desired enterprise, operating or inactive, with its full shutdown and bankruptcy (‘Sickle and Hummer’ plant, airline manufacturing plant and many others. On the second stage its territory is transferred to construction companies for a quick low cost housing. In the first half of 2018 394 sqm of dwelling were put into use. In 2017 it was 1.2 million sqm. Many experts indicate that the city is superfluous in new lodgings.

The construction market that looks more like an inflating soap bubble, is presently estimated at 100-150 billion rubles. Instead of being a result of a consistent concurrent wok with introduction of new workplaces, industries and markets, this soap bubble is a solely explicit way of wealth accumulation for the contemporary elites. Instead of new workplaces, introduction of ‘smart industries’ and development of Soviet heritage Saratov citizens receive an economic degradation and a life with no prospects in the native city.

And V. Volodin is guilty for taking his benefits out of consolidating the local authorities with criminals instead of neutralizing dangerous criminal structures. Parkovskie criminal community, under patronage of Federal authorities, the President and regional bodies of power, accumulate their riches at the expense of the region’s pauperization. Volodin holds the top of a horrible scheme of the region’s destruction.

Of cause, Volodin is far from intentions to ruin the region. He aims only at having influence, power, steady incomes. But he cannot have any other incomes but those in a form of bribes and cuts from corruption schemes and cooperation with the region’s most powerful criminal community Parkovskie.

‘SOYUZ ANTITERROR’ Public Investigation Service and a Working Group for corruption control in the top echelons of power conducted a scrupulous work on filing all the information about Volodin’s 20-year-long activity when, through abuse of the office and powers on the territory of Saratov region where Volodin had occupied a position of the First Deputy Governor and later on other positions of public service including the post of the Vice-Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, he organized a criminal community and has coordinated its activity since then. The mentioned criminal community is mostly consists of public servants and officials of Saratov-city and the region suspected in homosexual relations (with V.Volodin as their leader). V. Volodin engaged into this community a number of municipal and regional principals together with some officers of the law enforcement agencies. For many years the criminal gang controlled by V. Volodin has been embezzling billions of budget funds through their office abuse. They committed several defalcations and massive looting, initiated raider and bandit takeovers of companies, property, lands of juridical and physical persons. The gang members dodged taxes, never hesitated to organize kidnapping, contracted murders of ordinary people and officials who tried to raise their voice against the community’s crimes.

Upon Volodin’s command the criminals organized homosexual gangbangs in special places provided by Volodin. For their sexual satisfaction they used small children and even toddlers from orphan homes. As a rule, Volodin himself commissioned numerous kidnappings, murder assaults, and murders. It was, for example, a murder of the Prosecutor of Saratov region Grigoriev, after he rejected to cover the further Volodin and his accomplices’ criminal activity in one of their meetings. Grigoriev left the meeting and signed himself a death sentence.

The documents also file an analysis of the activity of this criminal corrupt group of people in power and their intentions. After giving a close scrutiny to the results of numerous investigations, criminal cases files from different law enforcement bodies, mass-media and online publications, our investigation groups came to a conclusion that the criminal community headed by V.Volodin has been jeopardizing the national security. Their criminal actions may any moment provoke a burst of a social tension in Saratov and the region. The gang has amassed large resources in a form of a real estate, land parcels, finances in Russia and abroad. It is closely related to Z Group, a terrorist organization that had dealt with assets transfer from Russia, and its liaisons extend to M.Prokhorov’s criminal organization, Z Group active member, and many other criminal elements.

At present, this criminal community, which performs their activity in many regions of our country through their representatives, makes attempts to compromise the President of the Russian Federation, spreading rumors about President Putin’s participation in V.Volodin’s homosexual group and in corruption scandals at a political summit. They make use of V.Putin’s divorce as a ground of their allusions aiming at further calling for his future oust in order to appoint V.Volodin a President of the Russian Federation. This community activity headed by V.Volodin if not been ceased in a due time, retains the risk of being used by extremist elements for provoking a social fallout both nationwide and in particular regions. A treat to national security and an overthrow of power in Russia is a cherished dream of US ‘hawks’ and the Masters of Universe.

Beyond aforementioned criminal activity Volodin’s criminal community’s further actions include following, each episode separately:

  1. Volodin kept his practice of ‘cuts’ after his rotation to Moscow as a Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, an agent of Government and the Russia’s Presidential Executive Office, since he went on supervising of Saratov region from the Federal centre. He carries out a lobbyist activity on allocating a budget for the region and thus, it is up to him to decide the volume of the financial support for the region.

The operation took the following form. Under agreement with Mayor of Saratov Grischenko (before 2016), the Head of the Land Department Krasnov (before 2016) collected money from individuals appointed by Kurikhin to pay ‘cuts’. Taking into account the sum of the bribe that lead to Krasnov’s arrest – 18 million rubles – yearly “black cash’ turnover had attained at least one billion rubles. A part of the sum Kurikhin transferred to Volodin through Pankov every month, the rest was stored by Kurikhin and Grischenko. This situation continued during Radaev’s term of office.

There was another way of receiving money through Krasnov. Under agreement with Grischenko and Kurikhin, he sold land parcels with forged documents. The land price was lowered manyfold from its real market price. In this way they avoided full taxation. Next, Krasnov transferred the gained profits to Grischenko and Kurikhin (and further on to Pankov and Volodin).

As a result of this continuous looting the city and the region were forced to take out loans to make provision for their life-sustaining activity and eventually got debt-stricken. Saratov region debts have multiplied up to 50 billion rubles, which constitutes 65% of the budget, namely, the region is facing a bankruptcy. For 7 years of Grischenko’s office as the Mayor of Saratov-city, under patronage of Volodin his team embezzled at least 35 billion rubles from the budget, with 10 billion as a personal Volodin’s share. As a matter of fact not a single land parcel under Radaev’s office was not auctioned, a fact that speaks for itself.

Interestingly, Volodin keeps on accounts of Vneshtorgbank branch in Berlin a sum not less than 7 billion US dollars. Also, he has deposits in other accounts in Italian and German banks. The city residents as well as former law enforcement officers, have repeatedly forwarded their claims to different levels of authority, exposing numerous facts of budget funds embezzlement by the city principals. They filed their complaints against Saratov-city Mayor Grischenko, regional Deputy Kurikhin, and other corrupt public servants of Volidin’s gang, but law enforcement agencies of the region (the Prosecutor’s office and the Department of Internal Affairs both of the city and the region), followed Volodin’s orders and turned down these people’s complaints and put all their efforts to hide the activity of this organized criminal community headed by V.Volodin.

  1. On 22nd March 2005 the criminal community controlled by the Mayor of Saratov-city Grischenko and his assistant, ex-officer of the Federal Service for Security Zadumin (an active member of Volodin’s criminal community, who appeared as its sponsor), engaged a law enforcement squad of Saratov-city’s Department of Internal Affairs (50 OMON Special Task Force officers) into a raider takeover of a 9-storey building with an extension situated at 55 Moskovskaya St., in Saratov. The building belonged to ‘PSF Saratovmeliovodstroy Ltd’ and its estimated price was 500 million rubles. A businessman Kaynov held 67.7% share stock of this firm incorporated into ‘Saratovvodstroy Ltd’, Kaynov’s sole proprietorship.

In a course of a lawsuit the disputed building was taken under arrest. Neglecting this fact, V.Volodin with an exceptional cynicism to the court’s verdict and people’s rights, abused his office and ordered to Saratov-city Mayor Grischenko and his Deputy Zadumin to sell out the captured building piece by piece for 500 million rubles with a contracted price 40 times lower, namely 11 million rubles, which was as good as done. The received money the criminal society members shared among them, having dodged the taxes totaling 65 million rubles and stealing additional 12.119.000 rubles from the accounts of the raided firm.

  1. In January 2008 when the scandal with Kaynov’s building seizure was getting about as a flash especially due to his efforts, Volodin convened his gang’s meeting and invited Regional Prosecutor Grigoriev, and Head of Directorate of Internal Affairs Arenin, to make them smother up the scandal. Grigoriev, however, refused to follow Volodin’s commands and left the meeting. Volodin, who was displeased with Grigoriev’s decision not to fulfill illegal orders, took a decision to neutralize him. Together with Director of Saratov meat-processing plant Belostopov, he sketched Grigoriev’s plan of murder. In those days, Belostopov was annoyed with Grigoriev since the latter had initiated a criminal investigation into Belostopov and Volodin’s embezzlement of 2 billion rubles from the accounts of the meet-processing plant (the plant was brought to bankruptcy). Guided by Volodin’s recommendation, in the course of the investigation Belostopov organized the meat-processing plant arson to cover their crime.
  2. At Volodin’s direction Head of Saratov-city Municipal Administration Prokopenko misappropriated a lot of land of 18.287 sqm on Zeleny island in Saratov that was a property of a sports facility of ‘Sokol’ sports camp and ‘Yunga’ yacht club. After having seized it the members of the criminal community, following Volodin’s instruction, prepared two cadastral certificates - one for the total of 9.455.000 rubles from 04.10.2012 and another for 168.341.000 rubles. The following procedure allows to sell the land to the crony and to dodge the taxes stipulated by the law. The territory in question has 40 suspended oil wells. This is the riches that Volodin strives to appropriate and takes all possible measures to do it including murder threats of the land owners. With Volodin’s knowledge and acceptance, through violation of the ecological legislation, the oil derricks were also installed on the territory of Saratov-city on the bank of the Volga-river, close to the city public beach. The works of oil derricks installation and oil extraction are both Volodin’s income items.
  3. In the course of the last 10 or 15 years, Volodin through abuse of his office and with help of the members of his criminal community by a way of a raider takeover, documentation forgery, fraudulent practice, took hold of the number of fat refineries on the territory of Saratov region and then all over the country. His criminal gang headed by General Director of ‘Solnechnye Producty’ (Sunny Products) holding and ‘Bouquet’ group of companies Burov, Volodin’s ally and classmate, on Volodin’s order and under his control seized and appropriated dozens of companies in Saratov, Krasnodar region, Novosibirsk, Moscow, Armavir and Krasnoyarsk. De facto, Volodin holds in his possession sunflower oil manufacture and mayonnaise manufacture (more than 100 items of food products of ‘Solnechnye Producty’ holding and ‘Bouquet’ group of companies). Yearly companies’ income constitutes several million US dollars.

In 2009, the ‘Finance’ magazine estimated Volodin’s assets in these companies in 95 million US dollar in total. At those times his yearly income reached 359.9 million rubles, while his official tax return declaration stated merely 3.16 million.

  1. On Volodin’s commission, a certain Pulyavsky, a businessmen from Abodim village near Petrovsk, ‘Grechanka Ltd’ owner (whose ample bootlegging operations from Gelendghik to Saratov take place under Volodin’s patronage), has constructed a recreation facility for V.Volodin on the bank of the Medveditsa-river. On Volodin’s command, and through the city administration in person of Grischenko, it was provided with budget funds for equipping of a helipad and other facilities. Its juridical possessor is a Deputy of the City Duma Isaev. Volodin frequents the facility by helicopter or by car with his securities in a company of other homosexuals and criminal community members Radaev, Grischenko, Pankov, Glybochko to run orgies and play cards. According to mass media information, Volodin made Pulyavsky and the General Director of the fodder plant Topilin, who is also engaged in bootlegger operations, to supply small children from orphan homes for orgy purposes. The children for Volodin and his orgy accomplices were taken from Petrovsk orphanage ‘Malyutka’. A certain Batyajkina, ex-Head of Petrovsk region, served as a supplier of children and toddlers too. Toddlers aged 1-1,5 years old were used for sexual orgies and, according to the information from open sources , they were killed afterwards and drowned in the Medveditsa-river.

Topilin’s fodder plant also serves as an instrument for large-scale budget funds embezzlement by Volodin’s gang.

  1. A similar recreation facility for Volodin and his crime partners’ homosexual satisfaction is situated in Samodurovo-village near Volsk-town in Saratov region – Volodin’s small motherland. On Volodin’s command, the old school building was reconstructed and redecorated, with equipped helipad and other facilities, and fenced off with security and 24-hour video surveillance.

The construction resources were transferred through Saratov’s budget under Grischenko’s control in volumes sufficient to build a town for 100 thousand people. Every time when Volodin with company arrived in the recreation centre, he was supplied with small children to give the Saratov region’s master a sexual satisfaction, since he was certain that he was the boss of the territory and no edicts of the President of the Russian Federation could have a legal force in his barony until he becomes the all-Russia President.

  1. Volidin’d brother Krasnov by a way of fraudulence and documentation falsification, using Volodin’s links, received a loan of 60 million rubles in a bank of Volsk-town in Saratov region and does not intend to pay it back. Upon the bank’s claim a criminal case was opened against Krasnov and he was put on a wanted list. In a while he was apprehended and arrested. Immediately Volodin got to know about this fact, he directed to the police station his auxiliary who set Krasnov free and made the police close the criminal case and leave the bank with a financial ‘breach’ in the budget.
  2. Together with Titaev, Ayatskov’s brother, Volodin had a hand in strategic missile supply annihilation in Saratov region (namely, the missile supply located near Svetly-village of Tatischev district). It is there that the country main missile shield is situated. A group of individuals under direction of Volodin extracted SS-200 missiles from 3 pits and then dismantled and imported to Iran for a further sale of the pit equipment. The equipment price of every pit constituted some 1.5 billion rubles. Dismantling of these pits led to disconnection with other launching platforms with missile on station. The launching platforms were removed from combat duty for a long time because of their technical unreadiness. Due to the fact of the damage resulted in a national security lowering a criminal case was opened; it was revealed that as a result of missile pit equipment and metal sale Volodin placed 7 billion US dollars on accounts of Vneshtorgnank branch in Berlin. Regardless this enormous damage to the country’s economy and security, the criminal case was also closed with no grounds.

Estimated roughly, Volodin’s possessions in form of company assets constitute not less than 400 billion US dollars and 10 billion US dollars as account balance, jointly with realty in Russia and abroad.

We can fairly cite some hundreds of episodes of Volodin and his gang’s criminal activity. During score of years, he misused his public authority committed a number of actions that can be treated as country population genocide: he misappropriated their property using the people’s labour, taking their lives, victimizing for his pleasure small children who were murdered afterwards, killing our belief if equity and honesty.

Link to: http://www.soyuz-antiterror.ru/item38


Analyzing all the aforementioned, we conclude that the actions of Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Volodin, a Deputy of Saratov regional Duma Sergey Kurikhin, Deputy Head of Saratov region Main Department of Internal Affairs Sergey Poltanov and other individuals membering Parkovskie criminal community or taking an active part in operations of the criminal community headed by V.Volodin, can be qualified as bearing following crimes: an organization and participation in a criminal community and a criminal organization; terrorism and genocide of the Saratov region population, large-scale state and public property embezzlement through an abuse of the office, fraudulence, looting and misuse; a sabotage; contract murders organization; an abuse of the power resulted in heavy consequences, namely constituent elements of crime covered by the articles 64, 69, 102 §§ a, c, d, e, f, h, i, article 170 part 2, article 171 part 2, article 176 part 2 of the Criminal Code of the FSFSR (articles 275, 205 part 4-5, articles 209, 210 part 3, articles 170, 285 part 3, article 286 part 2, article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation)

Taking into account above stated and in accordance with articles 140, 141, 144, 145, 146, 149 of the Criminal Code of RSFSR (articles 37, 140, 145 and 146(147) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation

We claim:

to take anti-terrorist actions and open criminal cases against Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Volodin, a Deputy of Saratov regional Duma Sergey Kurikhin, Deputy Head of Saratov region Main Department of Internal Affairs Sergey Poltanov and other aforementioned members of the criminal community on the grounds of the constituent elements of crime covered by the articles 64, 69, 102 §§ a, c, d, e, f, h, i, article 170 part 2, article 171 part 2, article 176 part 2 of the Criminal Code of the FSFSR (articles 275, 205 part 4-5, articles 209, 210 part 3, articles 170, 285 part 3, article 286 part 2, article 105 of the Criminal Code of the RF) and to arraign them on a criminal charge.

We are certain in your patriotic feelings and honest intentions forwarded to the development and prosperity of the great multinational Russian population and our sacred Motherland.


Head of


Sarakhat Sarakhan



The investigation release dated October 2014 «About interregional and transnational coordinated corruption in the Russian Federation”.